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Are you looking to pacify your relationship with yourself and your body? To better regulate your stress and emotions?

Do you want to mindfully reconnect with your bodily sensations and make your nervous system your greatest ally?

Are you interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet while still enjoying the pleasure of eating?

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Since 2010, I have been guiding individuals like you to build a trusting relationship with your body and your relationship with food, optimizing your health and aging gracefully! I teach you how to regulate your emotions and stress, channeling your energy towards what you want instead of battling against what you no longer desire!

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Sabine17 janvier 2024
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"So, I showed up at Sandrine's with the idea of losing a few pounds to feel better about myself. But you know what? We did way better than that! With her, I discovered a whole universe to truly improve some communication issues with my body (which, let's admit, were well hidden where I didn't want to look too much). We had some intense sessions (sometimes), serious training to reconnect with my body. And it worked! We restored the connection, implemented strategies to be on top every day, and on top of that, learned to love ourselves (yeah, not bad for someone fighting against extra pounds, right?). It was like a second birth, seriously! It not only helped me better understand my relationships with others (special mention to my husband, by the way), but now, I'm equipped with lots of little "tricks" to move forward in life. Better than losing weight, it's finding oneself to live better with oneself! I love this new version of myself." Thank you, Sandrine."
AudreyFévrier 2024
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About ten years ago, I met Sandrine. It was during a Luxopuncture session, a method I was not familiar with before. I had heard of acupuncture, but Luxopuncture, which uses light to stimulate acupuncture points, was new to me. During the Luxotherapy session, we discussed various topics such as nutrition, needs, and desires. What I discovered with Sandrine was totally different from what I had experienced before. Her method was unconventional but especially tailored to my specific needs at that time, far from a standard diet program. Sandrine helped me understand that there was more than just weight gain at play, particularly the regulation of the nervous system. Her guidance was precise, insightful, and empathetic. Thanks to her, I learned to decipher how my nervous system functions, to under stand my emotions, and to identify why I sometimes ate my emotions. This realization was like a revelation, a universal key that allowed me to no longer view eating as a simple act of consumption, but as a deep connection with my nervous system and emotions. I can never thank Sandrine enough for her guidance and extensive knowledge. She has a variety of tools in her arsenal, and her ability to adapt to individual needs is remarkable. Her support truly transformed my life, changing my perception of the world and my relationship with food. I am infinitely grateful to her for that. Thank you, Sandrine."
Christele22 avril 2022
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Meeting Sandrine has changed my life. Her multiple skills (Health, luxopuncture, nutrition, personal development..) her aspirations and inspirations shape her as a true integrative wellness professional. Sandrine gave me keys to feel positively in charge facing big storms in my life (personal, health and professional). Sandrine helped me to accept and go through painful moments, understand better my emotions and transform them into something positive and useful. I felt back in touch with my inner joy and i took better care of myself and my body (especially through meditation which i was not receptive at all previously ). I Have gained back energy and vitality focusing on me to build a better tomorrow. Sandrine is a therapeutic chameleon with keys for everyone. Her unicity is that she customizes her support using with talent multiple skills which is rare today on that market. If you read me, it is time to contact her!
Eric Berthome21 mars 2022
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Sandrine is a professional obviously empathic but also with a quick right and adapted understanding of what issues need to be addressed. She helped me to reconnect to my body and my emotions, to give space to my intuitive side (vs the rational one) to improve my physical state. With humility she knows how to open doors that has been closed for a while. She offers technics and tips to create rituals and new habits that lead to results. Finally she helps me to to optimize and get back the right brain energy level to cope with my personal and professional life. I recommend her without ambiguity.
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