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Plant-Based Plate, Mindful Eating

More and more of you are questioning what you eat, the impact of your diet on your health, your thoughts, your emotions, and your “healthy aging”!

Some of you are motivated to revisit your dietary choices for health reasons, and others for more philosophical or even ecological reasons.

In any case, improvisation or following trendy diets does not guarantee pleasure, let alone vitality and sustainable health. That’s where I come in!

This support for incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet unfolds in two stages

Firstly, we will establish solid foundations on which you will be able to rely, whether you decide to take action immediately or gradually over time. You already know that habits aren’t changed permanently with the snap of a finger!

Laying the solid foundations for this change involves first questioning your motivations and understanding the logic of the biological body, the emotional body, and finally the mental body. Every support begins with this part because it ensures the success and longevity of your new habits and, above all, your health.

Even for incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe that suits everyone. Certainly, our biology brings us together under the term “humans,” but if it were that simple, we would all be in perfect health with the appropriate food intake. You already know that it doesn’t work that way!

illustration manger en conscience

So here, you will learn to determine what works for YOU, what contributes and in what percentage to your well-being, your vitality, your “healthy aging“!

Next, we will explore and rediscover the pleasure of eating, of composing balanced plates, respecting all your bodies. It’s a bit like building a house: if you want it to stand the test of time, you will choose quality materials, build a solid foundation, and then have fun with the decoration, the embellishment of the place. Your biological body is your home, your only vehicle to experience life, the container of your emotions and thoughts. What a wonderful opportunity to re-create a relationship of trust and security where you will combine pleasure and health!

This program is for you if:

You want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet but don’t know where to start.

You have already tried “vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, keto…” and experienced roller coasters in terms of weight, sleep, stress, anxiety.

You are at a crossroads in life that impacts your hormones (after pregnancy, menopause), and you know that diet is a key without knowing exactly which one.

You already eat a lot or completely plant-based, but you are tired, feeling down.

You want to understand how to combine plant-based foods, pleasure, and health.

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At the end of this journey, you will know:

  • Which body you are responding to when you eat.
  • How to choose your foods according to your body’s needs.
  • How to eat enough for your balance.
  • How to make what pleases you also what benefits you.
  • How to reconnect with your bodily sensations.
  • How to eat mindfully.
  • How to be relaxed, at peace with your relationship with food.
  • How to be relaxed, at peace with your relationship with yourself.
  • How to be relaxed, at peace in your relationship with others.
  • To co-create your life from a conscious space in service of joy and love.

The benefits of this support far exceed mere dietary changes. You are investing in yourself, your growth, your health, your relationships for lasting changes. You will learn to self-coach and to create the best possible relationship first with yourself! Food is a sensitive, indulgent pretext that puts you face to face with your responsibility to choose, to decide what is true and good for you. And this answer is unique! I am honored to walk this path with you.

How Do we work together?

Currently, our sessions take place exclusively online.

The number of spots is limited to ensure quality.

Package of 10 sessions (minimum 3 months) Recommended if:

Package of 10 sessions (minimum 3 months) Recommended if:

You want in-depth support.

You want a secure framework to put into practice what you discover and learn.

You want real change in your life, your habits.

You want to implement sustainable strategies over time.

Single session Recommended if:

You are curious and, following our free exchange, you want to test our ability to evolve together.

You want educational/informative coaching.

If you have already benefited from coaching with me, you can contact me directly by email

Book a free call today

This exchange allows both of us to confirm whether we want to work together. Beyond skills, the “human” factor plays a significant role in the quality of what happens between the coach and the coachee. You know that “thing” that either clicks or doesn’t. This free consultation allows us to feel if we want to explore together… or not!

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