One of my mentors used to say: We teach best what we most need to learn!

Pleased to meet you, I’m Sandrine, your Miss 3P… Practice, Patience, Perseverance!

An enthusiastic explorer of our inner states

An ambassador for our physical and mental health

In service to a Conscious and Joyful Humanity

I have an unconventional profile! My journey began with studies in law followed by training in “body-mind therapy massage” in Canada in 2000. I have continuously pursued education to understand others. Human beings have been my guiding thread. Over time, I realized that it was myself I was trying to understand, to heal. It took me many years to find the words for my pains, to speak them out loud to someone else. To move past denial, shame, and guilt.

Abuse has been a part of my life from an early age, and it took me time to fully grasp its impact on my emotions and nervous balance. Life, in its wisdom, led me through vagal brakes and multiple cardiac arrests in a single night, with a medical error as an unwanted gift (pacemaker implanted in 2017, removed in 2021). Thanks to this experience, I embarked on a therapeutic journey and earned the label of a philocognitive HPI, with hyperesthesia. I also discovered the Polyvagal Theory. And then, everything changed.

theorie polyvagale bien respirer
illustration manger en conscience

Going through childhood traumas (and many of us have) colors our approach to life. It affects our relationship with ourselves, with our loved ones, with our food, with our bodies, our health, and even our conception of Life. You know those speeches where they talk about co-creating the life of your dreams? Many of us try without necessarily succeeding, which leads to stress and a lot of questioning.

Understanding the nervous system is the key that unlocks the blocked door! It allows us to concretely change our lives by becoming aware of our fixed identities, our limiting patterns. It also allows us to transform our relationship with ourselves, with food, with our weight, and with our health.

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I am happy and once again very enthusiastic about sharing, in a pragmatic way, “how” we can achieve this? Today, I see my coaching support as an incredible opportunity to explore our inner landscapes safely. I accompany courageous travelers (not tourists) motivated to climb their inner mountains, in order to create a conscious and peaceful relationship with oneself, with food, with Life!

Weight loss, restful sleep, luminous vitality become the secondary benefits of a much deeper journey, with lasting effects. You move from control to mastery of what happens in your inner kingdom, and this experience literally changes your entire life.

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2024: Mentor Training Program with  Dr Aimie Apigian
2023: Foundational Module Biology of Trauma Dr Aimie Apigian
Certiffied Xpert. Ludovic Leroux. Polyvagal Informed.
2018: 500h Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh
2016:Certified Integrative Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Plant-based Chef professional Course, Rouxbe Cooking School
2012: Certified Coach Transurfing
2009: Luxopuncture and Regional Trainer for Luxomed
2008: Ayurvéda IEEV
2003: Salomon Sellam’s classes 

Other tools, readings, workshops, and conferences enrich my daily practice Arielle Schwartz, Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Richard Schwartz, Janina Fisher, Gabor Maté, Pat Odgen. Arouna Lipschitz.

2ans 1/2 of personal work with a specialized Therapist HPI (EMDR)

theorie polyvagale sommeil réparateur ventral
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