Since 2010, I have been accompanying those who want to lose weight sustainably without dieting, and I started from the realization that there is no universal diet that guarantees health, ideal weight, and vibrant vitality for everyone. Numerous diets emerge regularly, and whether it’s new trends, methods, or personal development, everything is readily available on the web today.

However, the same questions keep arising, and issues such as overweight, sleep problems, stress, and those related to menopause are still a daily challenge for many people. And if you are affected, you know how much it impacts your quality of life.

Does this resonate with you?

• Being overweight, I am not comfortable with my body, with my image, which affects my confidence and self-esteem, impacting both my personal and professional life.

• I experience frequent hot flashes, feeling uncomfortable in my body with the changes of menopause (belly, mood swings, etc.).

• I feel bloated, swollen.

• My nights are too short; I wake up without energy in the morning.

• I feel confused, agitated inside or, on the contrary, empty, sad, as if I have lost (if I ever had it) my inner spark.

• I don’t know what to eat anymore.

• I eat my emotions.

I don’t feel/sense anything anymore; I have even lost the awareness of my body and what it tells me…

How can one be happy and live their best life in these cases? Yes, I already hear “enough with this pressure to be happy”!!! I completely agree with you. However, instead of seeing it as pressure, I see it as a question worth asking: why do we live? What do we aspire to? In short, what do I want to experience during my time on this planet?

And whatever the answer, being in good health, full of vitality, is my foundation, my basis that makes my experiences possible and enjoyable. It gives me the courage to persevere in facing life’s challenges.

This is also what led me to redesign my entire website and rethink my coaching approach. Today, my coaching remains personalized. I obviously adapt to your needs, whether it’s losing weight, incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, improving sleep, regulating stress and emotions.

illustration manger en conscience

I offer you two types of coaching:

Conscious Relationship with My Body and Emotions

Incorporating More Plant-Based Foods, Eating Mindfully

I offer these coaching sessions individually and live! Together, we determine the frequency of our meetings based on your availability and goals. I guide you step by step through each stage of your inner journey. Therefore, I address motivated travelers, seeking tools to develop their awareness and self-accompaniment in their present and future expansion. Your physical and mental health, your ideal weight, your vitality are the secondary benefits, resulting from the work you will accomplish in this journey! Limited spots available.

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