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Conscious Relationship with My Body and My Emotions

Are you tired, feeling lost?

Do you feel cramped, stuck?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed by daily life?

Are you overweight after yet another diet, still unsure what suits your body, tired of jumping from method to method after trying them all?

Are you full of good intentions but find that it’s not enough? You make resolutions, but you can’t stick to them over time?

Do you try all sorts of things that work for a while, then fall back into old habits?

Do you no longer feel/sense your body, or are you aware of the difference between the body’s language and that of the brain (trauma dissociation)?

You know you have potential inside to self-accompany, to restore balance, but you can’t seem to activate it?

THEN you are in the right place! No, I don’t have a revolutionary method, and I’m not reinventing the wheel either! (That would be something…) Patience and perseverance bring about lasting changes, especially in a secure environment.

When a warning light flashes on your car’s dashboard, ideally, you go to the garage to be correctly guided on what’s happening and any corrections to make. That’s our first step here! I need to be aware of what’s wrong in order to change it, adjust it. And you’ll discover that this obviousness, while simple, is not easy to accept and implement.

This educational, informative part of coaching will shake up your certainties and habits! We will work with your body, your emotions, your beliefs, your philosophy of life. All these elements are intertwined, closely linked, whether we are aware of it or not! And it is from what I perceive as “my identity” that I create my life or suffer it!

Personalized support for 3 to 6 months to help you:

1. Learn how your body works, your biology, once and for all

2. Understand your nervous system to learn to regulate it naturally

3. Look at everything you’ve experienced so far with kindness

4. Create new habits related to your inner security

5. Listen to your bodies and their respective needs

 6. Know how to arbitrate your needs without judging yourself, without feeling guilty, to live in health

By gradually integrating these practices into your daily life, you will begin to better know how to take care of 
yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally in service of an embodied and flourishing spirituality.

At the end of this journey, you will be:

Aware of what is happening within you in terms of your body, your emotions, regardless of the circumstances of your life.

Able to make choices that support your deep desires.

Clear on what you want/don’t want anymore, knowing which part of you pulls the strings

Kind to yourself and what you create in your life.

At peace with your dietary choices and your weight.

You will move from control to Mastery, from protection to Connection!

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How Do we work together?

Currently, our sessions take place exclusively online.

The number of spots is limited to ensure quality.

Package of 10 sessions (minimum 3 months) Recommended if:

  • You want in-depth support.
  • You want a secure framework to put into practice what you discover and learn.
  • You want real change in your life, your habits.
  • You want to implement sustainable strategies over time.

Single session Recommended if:

  • You are curious and, following our free exchange, you want to test our ability to evolve together.
  • You want educational/informative coaching.
  • If you have already benefited from coaching with me, you can contact me directly by email.

Book a free call

This exchange allows both of us to confirm whether we want to work together. Beyond skills, the “human” factor plays a significant role in the quality of what happens between the coach and the coachee. You know that “thing” that either clicks or doesn’t. This free consultation allows us to feel if we want to explore together… or not!

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